Uncategorized Interest Rates – An Interesting Tale of “Then and Now” Keeping Current Matters keeps ’em coming with yet another great article.  This one distinguishes today’s lending market from the market that fostered a meltdown.  Enjoy! There’s No Reason To Panic Over Today’s Lending Standards Today, some are afraid the real estate market is starting to look a lot like it did in 2006, just prior […]
Uncategorized And Where Things Seem To Be Headed… On the heels of my latest post related to the recent history of interest rates comes a new post related to their anticipated future.  I struggled a bit to wrap my mind around the advice attributed to Mark Fleming at FATCO, but think I get his drift.  Beyond that, it’s a wonderful look at the […]
Uncategorized Historic Mortgage Rates? Here’s A Chart That Says It All I had a wonderful time hosting Dave Duty of Options Financial Residential Mortgage as the guest speaker at the Hillsboro Rotary club yesterday.  He did a great job detailing the historic nature of today’s mortgage lending environment.  As it happens, the infographic below came across the transom from my friends at Keeping Current Matters, and […]
Uncategorized Infometrics Amidst Interesting Times – Visitors to my website are greeted by Clifford Stoll’s wonderful saying: “Data is not information. Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not understanding. Understanding is not wisdom.”  I get a huge kick out of working in an industry where all of these elements are constantly swirling and have found several tools exceedingly helpful in differentiating […]
Uncategorized Bubble Talk Here's an excerpt from an interesting article that came down the pipeline from our friends at "Keeping Current Matters" today: Last week, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) released their Existing Home Sales Report. The report announced that the median existing-home price in June was $236,400. That value surpasses the peak median sales price set […]
Uncategorized Interest Rate Upticks – Navigating Choppy Waters I've been asked a number of times over the past several weeks to predict the short-term future with regard to interest rates.  Thankfully, I've become rather adept at reminding folks that I abandoned prognostication years ago.  These are, however, intriguing times, with sellers playing offense and upward twitching interest rates heightening apprehension that a long-awaited […]
Uncategorized Zip Code: Nine-Seven-One-Two-Fire I spent some time with an Orenco Station client today studying the past 15 months' market trends in zip code 97124.  We looked specifically at single family detached resale properties sold straight, and I figured others might want to see it as well. Wow… http://post2web.trendgraphix.com/FactsAndTrends/Post2Web.aspx?FtId=85968616-6607-4d8a-9417-50384be26ca1 http://post2web.trendgraphix.com/FactsAndTrends/Post2Web.aspx?FtId=3e66c7a9-a219-4d3f-98b9-c358251b3d8e
Uncategorized The Silver Tsunami A great post today from John Downey on the Keeping Current Matters blog points us to the fact that 10,000 people turn 65 each day in the United States.  The implications for the real estate market are profound – It is my opinion that there is not nearly enough standing inventory designed to meet the […]
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Uncategorized Let’s Hear It For The Windermere Search App It was great to learn that the long-awaited Windermere search app has been released to the public.  This is a long-awaited development, and a real point of pride for the technnology team at Windermere.  Head for the AppStore on your device and give it a whirl  – The search functions are very precise and the […]
Uncategorized Stoked About Community Service Day It was a kick this morning to announce Windermere West's Community Service Day project for 2013. Each year, we join our colleagues from througout the Windermere network in devoting a day to meet a community need.  This year, we'll meet at Barnes Elementary on Friday, June 21st to provide maintenance for the school's community garden, […]
Uncategorized The Gardener Report Shows A Rising Tide As a Windermere broker, I look forward each quarter to the release of the Gardner report so that I can keep a careful eye on regional trends for the housing market and the economy at large.  Matthew Gardner is a renowned land use economist and is considered one of the foremost real estate analysts in […]
Uncategorized An Honor And A Privilege Just a quick post to thank the gracious leaders at the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce and particularly the members of their Awards Committee for blessing me with the Outstanding Professional Award at last night's ceremony.  Above all, I wanted to reiterate what I said, somewhat clumsily, upon receiving the honor.  Hillsboro is a spectacular community, […]