Uncategorized May 24, 2013

An Honor And A Privilege

Just a quick post to thank the gracious leaders at the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce and particularly the members of their Awards Committee for blessing me with the Outstanding Professional Award at last night's ceremony.  Above all, I wanted to reiterate what I said, somewhat clumsily, upon receiving the honor. 

Hillsboro is a spectacular community, beautifully represented by those at the celebration – From the elected leaders to the drivers of industry & commerce to the educators to the police & fire professionals to the tireless workers for charitable causes to the students who put such inspiring talent on display. 

Association with the Chamber of Commerce itself is a special delight, as that body works under extraordinary leadership to support Washington County as Oregon's economic engine – To be included among its honorees was a stunning and profoundly humbling surprise. 

The loyalty and encouragement of my colleagues at Windermere provided the fuel to thrive, and only standing on their shoulders could I have been recognized.  My beloved wife Kerry and my wonderful kids Roger, Kincaid and Grete play a critical role in each day's efforts – I would be lost without them.

It has been an unmitigated luxury to work with and alongside my Hillsboro neighbors & friends for nearly 12 years, and it is impossible to imagine having been more warmly welcomed or strongly supported.  I am deeply grateful and know for certain that Hillsboro has done more for me than I could ever hope to do for her.

Here's to a great city with a magnificent future – Cheers!