Uncategorized July 1, 2013

Interest Rate Upticks – Navigating Choppy Waters

I've been asked a number of times over the past several weeks to predict the short-term future with regard to interest rates.  Thankfully, I've become rather adept at reminding folks that I abandoned prognostication years ago.  These are, however, intriguing times, with sellers playing offense and upward twitching interest rates heightening apprehension that a long-awaited steady climb may be next.  There is reason to believe it, but no reason to panic – Yes, every upward movement in interest rates undermines purchasing power, but a moderate climb to more sustainable rates would likely be accompanied by expanding inventory.  A bit less monetary strength but a bit more to choose from – certainly no crisis.  Above all, buyers should remember that any interest rate below 7% is, from a historical perspective, remarkably low.  There's a lot of distance between today's 4.125% and that benchmark, so be advised: For buyers and sellers alike, these are the good old days.